With a mix of both marketing/branding and organizational learning capabilities, Jeanne has helped hundreds of learning organizations to re-define their vision and in the process create award winning learning organizations by leveraging the following expertise:

Strategic Vision
Enterprise learning is going through convulsive changes from the classroom to the web and now to social networks, virtual worlds and knowledge networking. These evolutionary changes challenge every aspect of a learning organization-its scope, vision, charter, audiences, delivery mix and metrics.
Marketing and Branding Focus
Even the most effective learning organizations can go un-noticed if their value is not properly communicated through out the organization. Learn the value of creating a Learning Annual Report to heighten your stature as a learning organization.
Innovative Partnership Mindset
Corporate universities were brought to the forefront by Jeanne’s first book in 1994 and then her second book focused on how to best launch and manage a corporate university. Jeanne is now involved in working with corporate and customer universities to create innovative offerings, partnerships and communities so learning is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of an employee’s and customer’s life. In addition, Jeanne has been on the forefront in creating innovative methods of proving value for the investment in corporate learning. One such method is helping organizations capture their value in a Learning Annual Report. If you want to learn more about any of the recent corporate engagements Jeanne has worked on, send her an email at
Deep Experience and Thought Leadership
25 years of working, writing and speaking to executives brings a wealth of expertise in how an investment in enterprise learning with a focus on mission critical workforces can add value and differentiate an organization from its peers.
Outstanding Facilitation Skills
A long standing reputation among Chief Learning Officers and their staff as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator has created a strong pull of interest in having Jeanne personally involved in facilitation of key venues.