Endorsements for Jeanne C Meister: Partner, Future Workplace and Co-author of The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop & Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today (Harper Business, 2010)

Venue: Human Resources People and Strategy (HRPS) – Pacific NW

Members of the Pacific NW affiliate of Human Resources People and Strategy (HRPS) expect quality thought leadership, strategic HR content and presenters who engage and challenge them.  Jeanne Meister spoke with our affiliate on October 20th,  2011 and exceeded all three expectations.  She constantly refreshes her research and learning from her great book 2020 Workforce bringing new examples that illustrate how companies are making creative breakthroughs now that anticipate the workforce expectations of 2020.  Our members expanded their minds, picked up new ideas for implementation and were thoroughly impressed with Jeanne’s style and substance. She believes learning should be fun as well as compelling and she delivered on both counts.

Jeannie Coyle
Managing Partner of Talent Savvy Manager
Co-author, with Wendy Axelrod, of
Make Talent Your Business
Board Member of the Pacific NW-HR Strategic Forum

Venue: Hamburger University Global Center for Training

“McDonald’s was pleased to have Jeanne Meister recently present at our Hamburger University Global Center for Training Campus in Oak Brook Illinois.   Her topic, “The 2020 Workplace – How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees,” was well received by our Home Office Corporate and Regional Training Leaders.

The key focus areas of Jeanne’s two hour presentation, were that by 2020 the greatest three forces that will continue to shape our future work and employees are: globalization, shifting in demographics with five generations working side by side and social media that will connect employees, customers, and partners for immediate communication.

Jeanne’s presentation was very positively received by our audience and the content fit perfectly into the topics we have been discussing regarding bringing to life a future vision for training that aligns with what our learners and customers need.

Jeanne has an engaging presentation style, encourages active audience participation and applies relevant research.  She is a credible speaker with the knowledge and experience to provide us with practical tips and insights on ways we can continue to lead our organization to win by ensuring we adapt faster to the changing needs of our workforce and customers.”

Diana Thomas
Vice-President of Training, Learning, and Development
McDonald’s Corporation, USA

Venue: ASTD session

“The topic “What You Can Do to Thrive Now in the 2020 Workplace” was compelling for our audience of senior learning & talent management professionals. The audience, made up of Training & Development practitioners from a host of Fortune 500 companies, as well as non-profit, government and independent contractors, came in with one notion and left with another. Jeanne Meister, who is at once exuberant, and engaging, invited the audience to share their perceptions of how organizations will accommodate the new crop of demographics that is destined to wash through the front doors of corporate America within the next few years.

Do you think that Millennial prefer elearning to classroom? You may be wrong. Will in-person networking be the most effective way of landing a job? Don’t assume. Do the members of the executive suite in your organization mirror the new workforce? You’re in trouble.

The examples above are just a sampling of the abundance of non-intuitive research that was shared to a very surprised audience who went back to their workplaces with an urgency to sound the alarm for change.

Thank you Jeanne for enlightening us with your wisdom and research which will prepare us for the unprecedented changes ahead.”

Lance Tukell
President ASTDNY
Director of Talent Management
Chartis International

Venue: Webinar on The 2020 Workplace

“On February 25th, Blackboard was pleased to sponsor Jeanne Meister in a webinar titled “Corporate Learning in 2010: Social, Mobile, Collaborative, Engaging and Fun” hosted by CLO Magazine. The event was overwhelmingly successful and the topic struck a nerve with Chief Learning Officers and training professionals around the world. We had over 1,600 people register for the session and more than 750 attended.

Jeanne’s speaking style was very interactive and engaging, enabling her to connect with the audience and deliver many powerful, real-world examples, as well as practical tips and advice on how to leverage leading trends today. The attendees were very impressed and provided feedback such as “Jeanne Meister is a true expert in the field and the quality of her material is outstanding. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from her” and “Keep them coming. Jeanne’s experience, passion, and excitement are inspiring.”

We, at Blackboard, were equally impressed with the number and caliber of connections we made, and are thankful that Jeanne gave us a platform on which we can continue our own conversations and position ourselves as thought-leaders in the industry. Jeanne is a true professional and icon in the learning and development field. We would enjoy the opportunity to work with her again and are confident she can continue to deliver major results to our strategic efforts.”

Kevin Alansky
Senior Director of Marketing
Professional Education Solutions
Blackboard, Inc.

Venue: Management Conference in Estonia

The 2020 Workplace book was translated into Estonian and was the centerpiece of the conference. President Toomas Hendrick Ilves of Estonia was in attendance.

“Jeanne Meister gave the keynote at Pärnu Leadership Conference, which is one of the largest leadership events in Northern Europe. Her professionalism and knowledge of the matter of why people work at all and why they work for a particular employer made people really the audience think of their jobs as leaders. But there was more. Jeanne was engaging and highly interactive as she shared best practices with our audience. With my 15 years experience I can seldom say that international speakers take the trouble of understanding local circumstances ( especially think outside US, Germany or growingly, Asia). Jeanne was different. She took local statistics and discussed the similarities and differences of her global research.”

Toomas Tamsar
Parnu Leadership Conference Chair